A list of Fanmojo fantasy sports tips and tricks to help you win paytm cash prize.

1. Stop Creating Balanced Teams

People who are playing fantasy games, such as fantasy cricket, football and kabaddi make the mistake trying to create balanced fantasy sports teams. Fantasy sports are all about points, and depending upon the game you get points for runs scored, wicket taken, tackle won, goals scored, etc. You don’t get points for positional awareness, bowling depth or batting order.

This means one needs to choose players who are of an attacking mindset and will help score points for their team.

Example: If you are playing fantasy cricket match of India Vs. Australia, aside from choosing batsmen such as Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Steve Smith also chose all-rounders like MS-Dhoni or Hardik Pandya. It doesn’t matter if your team has 6 batsmen and only 3 bowlers because attack-minded players such as Hardik Pandya have a greater chance of outperforming bowlers and adding points to your fanmojo fantasy cricket team.

2. Don’t Chase Last Game’s Result

A wonder kid made his debut in the last match of Barcelona and scored a 30-yard screamer. Do you think it is a good idea to include him in your squad this time as well? Or Ishant Sharma scored 50 out of just 30 balls in last game, do you think he deserves a place above MS Dhoni in you best XI team?

More often than not, the answer is no. Fantasy football, fantasy cricket or fantasy kabaddi are all about consistency. Include players who have been consistent throughout the league, players like Virat Kohli, Lionel Messi, etc. are the ones who deserve a regular spot, however, for others, the choices may vary.

3. Choose Players Based on Their Playing Order

This tip often comes in handy for the users who are playing fanmojo fantasy cricket. Before selecting your team have a look at the playing order of the batsmen you are choosing. If you chose a batsman who comes on 4th or 5th position chances are he might not get a chance to bat.

Therefore ensure around 70% of your fanmojo fantasy cricket team comprises of top-order batsmen.

4. Understand the point system before making the team

Make sure you know the point system of the fanmojo fantasy sports well before you create your team. For example, the captain and vice-captain are awarded 2X and 1.5 X points. So if you have chosen an allrounder as a captain your chances of winning huge cash are increased. There are points for catches, wickets, runout, etc. hence ensure you choose players who are good at all of this.

5. Analyze Each Match Performance

Learn from your mistakes. After every match sit and analyze your choices and compare them with real-life results. People often take players based on personal preference, however fantasy sports such as fantasy cricket, fantasy football and kabaddi don’t work on emotional value. Chose players based on their performances and consistency in real life.

Also, keep in check the pitch conditions. For example, in the case of a flat pitch choose more batsmen or go for all-rounders who can perform both balling and batting.

In a nutshell, fantasy sports are online virtual games that solely depends on the performance of the players in real life. The game does require you to have basic knowledge of the sport and at the same time needs you to follow the sports closely in real life. Based on your judgment you can wish millions on fanmojo fantasy sports app and get money credited instantly in your wallet or bank account.

6. Remember the Toss

Its very important to be aware of the toss time , especially in sports like cricket , where a toss can change the whole game. Fanmojo shows you playing 11 from both the teams as soon as they are announced, make sure you are aware of the same and removing any player from your team who is not playing to ensure better chances of winning.

7. Keep balance

Make sure you are keeping balance in your fanmojo wallet always. There maybe times , when you are in a hurry and are entering the app very close the match start time. If you do not have enough fanmojo wallet balance in your account , you will waste time adding money and might miss out in entering your team to the fantasy competition before the start time. Fanmojo allows you to add money through various mediums in the fantasy app and also runs multiple cashback offers all the time , so make sure you are using it.

8. Practice

Practice and patience makes the man perfect. If you are beginner, then start playing with small bets and learn how the dynamics of the game work. You will not win all the matches you play, but have patience and keep playing to learn more and earn more.