Q. Is this legal? is an e-sports platform where users play skill based games to earn money. To play in Fanmojo Users have to use their skills in casual games with the ability to score big on the leaderboard and in fantasy while selecting Users along with the performances of each of these User. Users have to keep in mind that the selected User performance is depends on multiple factors such as their fitness, form, pitch type, weather conditions and past performances to name a few. Game of skills format is legal in India and Fanmojo is 100% legal as per Game of skills laws applicable for different Indian states except for Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Orrisa. You can visit here for more details Privacy Policy
Q. Is the money real?
Yes. Every prize money won by you will be credited in your Fanmojo wallet. You can withdraw this money in to your Paytm wallet with the phone number you used to sign up on the app or into your bank account if you have done your kyc with fanmojo
Q. How do I check my upcoming/ongoing/ended games?
User can go to “My games” Section to see all the Upcoming, In progress, finished casual games contest or fantasy sports matches
Q. How do I withdraw my winning amount?
All winning amounts will be credited to Fanmojo wallet within 24 hours of the winner declaration for that match or final declaration of leaderboard result in case of casual games. User can transfer winning amount from their Fanmojo wallet to their Paytm Wallet or bank account from the Balance Details page. Minimum balance of Rs. 200/- is required in your withdrawable amount to be able to transfer it to Paytm account.
Q. How to add money to Fanmojo Wallet?
User can add money to their Fanmojo wallet using their Paytm wallet, Credit card, Debit card, Net banking or UPI.
Q. What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal limit from the Fanmojo wallet?
The minimum withdrawal limit from the fanmojo wallet is Rs. 200/- and maximum is Rs. 9,999/-. This limits vary if you have done your KYC with fanmojo app.
Q. What are FM credits?
FM credits is the fanmojo credit money which has been added to your fanmojo wallet in the form of cashbacks or winnings. FM credits can be used under restricted conditions.

Fantasy Sports:

Q. what is the maximum and minimum Users needed to create a team in a match?
For Cricket and Football, you need to select 11 Users to create a team. For kabaadi, you need to select 7 Users to create a team. Each sports will have its own player selection restriction. On your fanmojo app all these restrictions will be clearly shown to you while making your fantasy sports team.
Q. What is the deadline to play in a given match?
Deadline to join a league for a given match is before the start time of the match.
Q. What is the minimum and maximum entry fees to play a fantasy sports match?
Users can play paid fantasy matches with amount as low as Rs. 27/- and up to Rs. 10,000/-. We may change the entry point at any time to enhance user experience.
Q. How many users will I compete with in this fantasy sports match?
As a user we give you the liberty to choose the entry price and the number of users you want to compete against. Depending upon your entry fees and member count of your selected league – prize pool is decided and winners are given cash prize accordingly.
Q. What happens if there are not enough users in a given league?
If there aren’t enough users to fill a particular league than users will be moved to another league of same amount with less or more Users so that users can still play in a particular league. If we can’t find a league to put user/s than we will refund their amount in fanmojo wallet.
Q. What happens if there are more than one users having same winning rank?
If multiple users will have same winning rank, the winning amount will be divided equally among the users sharing the same rank.
Q. How many leagues a user can join?
There is no limit, users can join as many paid leagues as they like to.
Q. Can a user change or edit his/her chosen team?
Yes users can edit their team prior to the league joining deadline which is start of the match. You can edit your team after or before you have paid the entry fees – given the match has not started.
Q. What if the selected Users are injured or could not participate in the match?
If, for any a reason, a chosen User doesn’t play then he will get “0” points for the match. Fanmojo gives you the playing 11 from both the sides once the team are declared. We suggest you to keep an eye on the toss and edit your playing 11 accordingly.
Q. What is the maximum time to update winning amount in Fanmojo wallet?
After completing a match, it takes upto 24 - 48 hour to update fanmojo wallet with the winners winning amount.
Q. What happens if two users gets same points?
Depending upon the rank, the money will be divided equally and transferred to their fanmojo wallets.
Q. What if a match gets abandoned?
Users will get their money refunded to their Fanmojo Wallet in case match is abandoned.
Q. What if a match gets decided via D/L method?
In that case, there won't be any changes for points calculations. Winners will be declared as usual based on the runs scored by their chosen batsmen.


Q. What is Contest?
A contest is where users can join to participate in the game and score higher on the leaderboard to win a prize amount for the game. Every contest has a start time and end time – during which once you have paid you can play the game unlimited number of times. Each contest will have limited number of users participating and will have an entry fees. Prize pool of each contest is decided upon the number of users competing in that contest and entry fees of that contest.
Q. What is Leaderboard?
The Leaderboard is where all the users who compete with the score they have made while participating in a respective game. The Leaderboard will indicate the winners for the contest depending upon the points scored and on the prizes configured. So make sure that you are always on top of the leaderboard to win.
Q. How do you check my rank in the Leaderboard?
If you have participated in the contest, the leaderboard will display your rank first and then everyone’s follows. Every game has a separate leaderboard so keep an eye on it.
Q. How much do I need to pay for each contest?
Each Contest will have an entry fees displayed on the contest card, by paying the required amount for the contest a user can participate in the contest. Contest fees can vary from Rs.10 to Rs.10000. You can pay for any contest at any time from your fanmojo wallet.
Q. For how long do the contest run?
Contest are available for durations as low as 30 minutes to as high as 24hrs or more. You can check the Contest's Starting and Ending time on each contest card. Winner of each contest will be declared only if you finish in the winning ranks at the end of the contest period.
Q. Is there a minimum participation needed for a contest to begin?
Unless specified explicitly, there is, generally, no minimum requirements on number of participants needed for a contest to begin. Winners will still be awarded prizes based on their rank. If you are in the winning ranks , money will be added to your fanmojo wallet.
Q. How many can win in one contest?
Number of winners in a given contest and their prize money varies from one contest to another. The prize money distribution for any contest is available in the details of the contest card.
Q. How many times can I play a game in a contest?
Unless specified explicitly, there is, generally, no limit on how many times you can attempt to play the game within the duration of the contest.
Q. How do I win a contest?
You win in a contest if your rank in the contest is eligible for prize money as specified in the prize distribution table. Your rank is calculated based on your best score across all your attempts during the course of the contest. You have to be in the winning ranks on the leaderboard at the end of the contest period. If you are a winner , due cash prize will be added to your fanmojo wallet within 24 – 48 hrs.
Q. I joined a contest but couldn't play a single game. Will I get my money back?
Unfortunately, No. Once you have joined a contest, and the entry fee has been deducted, it cannot be refunded.
Q. Can I leave the contest before it begins?
Unfortunately, No. Once you have joined for a contest, and the entry fee has been deducted, it cannot be refunded.